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Why can we sell legal weed? What is the difference with illegal weed?

What is legal weed? 

Throughout the years, weed has been a matter of discussion all around the world. In some countries, it is completely banned and it is seen as a high-level drug, at the same level as some actual narcotics, such as cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. However, just with a little bit of knowledge of these substances, you will understand that they are not nearly at the same level. Recent studies have shown that THC is actually less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore, it is even used for medical purposes in many countries around the world, in particular in the US. In fact in Canada and some states in the US, legal weed is what we define illegal weed (Marijuana) in Europe. Since these circumstances, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the concept of legal and illegal weed, since in many countries around the world what is defined legal weed is very different. However this term “Legal weed” has been used in Europe to differentiate Hemp from Marijuana.

 Although Hemp has been proved to not be a narcotic and to not alterate your state of mind the sale of these flowers is still illegal in many countries in Asia. It can be grown to be used industrially, to build furniture, ropes clothing, etc. but the sale of its flowers is not allowed. 

Differently from some middle eastern countries, in Europe Cbd weed, also called legal weed or Hemp, is legal if it contains a THC content below 0.2%. sells legal weed respecting all the regulations and constraints regarding THC content. In addition Cbd can be extracted to produce Cbd oil, e-liquids, and cosmetics.

Differences between legal and illegal weed

To clarify the distinctions between legal and illegal weed we need to make a further explanation. The Cannabis family produces two different types of flowers which vary in their chemical compounds. There is Marijuana, which has a high THC content. THC is the chemical that gets you “high”. And then there is hemp, which according to different laws around the world varies in THC content but has to be always below 0.6% THC, therefore hemp will never give you psychoactive effects. However, there are no restrictions on CBD content.

Since 2018, in Europe there has been an explosion in the CBD market, these flowers have been commonly called Legal weed or legal cannabis. The main difference between Hemp and Marijuana is in their THC content, therefore in their effects. Even though THC is used in many countries for medical purposes, it is more commonly used recreationally by teenagers and adults. Of course, their use is very often illegal, unless you find yourself in Amsterdam or Colorado or such. That is why it has been created this difference in terminology, since many don’t know what really is the difference between these two, since their aspect and smell is merely the same.